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City of Hampton Virginia

City of Hampton
Helping an entire city move more efficiently

On-site Parts and Support

The City of Hampton desired to bring their parts operation in-house so that their fleet could operate at peak efficiency. Through this project, Tidewater Fleet Supply proved again why thousands of customers throughout the Southeast count on us.

The Challenge

The City of Hampton needed expert help at many levels, including inventory management, parts sourcing, and technical training for their team. They saw an opportunity to improve many areas that directly impacted their diverse fleet of vehicles—vehicles that literally keep their day-to-day operations on the road.

The Solution

Tidewater Fleet Supply put our proven Integrated Supply philosophy to work, placing parts and knowledgeable professionals in-house with the City of Hampton’s Fleet Services Department. Our team of experienced, ASE certified parts specialists worked directly with this customer which enabled us to assess and react to their fleet needs as they arose. This close connection allows us to optimize inventory levels more frequently, quickly tap into our global network of manufacturers when specialized parts were needed, and provide coordinated delivery.

The Results

Better operational efficiency. Greater cost savings. An even higher level of customer satisfaction. And helping a local community reach the next step. Tidewater Fleet Supply was able to help the City of Hampton achieve their initial goals—then grow beyond them.