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Chesapeake Virginia

City of Chesapeake
Streamlining parts for over 1800 vehicles & equipment

On-site Parts and Support

The City of Chesapeake wanted to privatize the parts operation at their City Garage and achieve improved efficiency at all levels. Tidewater Fleet Supply over-delivered on this project, which led to a strong relationship that continues to this day.

The Challenge

From avoidable inventory carrying costs and a complicated parts requisitioning process to liability for lost, stolen, or obsolete parts, the City of Chesapeake had a few major areas that needed improving. They needed experts who could eliminate these inefficiencies and provide solutions that would elevate their operation.

The Solution

Tidewater Fleet Supply used the Integrated Supply model that we’re known for and dedicated an on-site expert team to the City of Chesapeake’s City Garage. We worked closely with major stakeholders and team leaders to fine-tune their inventory of on-hand parts. And we leveraged our buying power with Automotive Distribution Network and the VIPAR Heavy Duty Organization to help this customer eliminate the markup that comes with a middleman. With such comprehensive service, we were able to help them go from a whopping 40 parts suppliers to just one: Us.

The Results

Prior to Tidewater Fleet Supply managing its parts inventory, the City of Chesapeake found itself out of stock for 400+ parts that they carried at any given time. TFS was able to supply and fill those needs so that the number of out of stock parts was reduced from 400 to just 25 at the most. The availability of parts on demand significantly improved operational readiness and TFS played the leading role in helping the City of Chesapeake save over $1 million dollars (and counting).